Fox Host Melissa Francis on Roger Ailes & Corporate Culture

Francis writes in her upcoming memoir, Lessons From the Prairie, that Ailes told her a “star” is many things, including “someone you’d like to get into bed, and you fit that bill as far as I’m concerned, for sure.” Francis says she didn’t think much of the comment, which she alleges Ailes repeated to her at least twice, until multiple Fox employees came forward to accuse him of sexually harassing them. Ailes, who has denied the allegations raised by those employees, resigned in July. Ailes’s lawyer Susan Estrich wrote in a statement to Motto: “Roger tells me he has never had multiple conversations with Melissa Francis and her account is simply not true.”

New accusations have continued to emerge, including a lawsuit filed by contributor Julie Roginsky alleging she was punished for rejecting Ailes’s sexual advances and refusing to discredit former host Gretchen Carlson after she sued him. Roginsky’s suit, filed last week, names Fox News, Ailes and co-president Bill Shine. Ailes has denied her claims through his lawyer, who called the accusations “hogwash.” A Fox News representative declined to comment on Roginsky’s suit. She is still working for the network and appeared on-air as recently as April 11.

Francis says she has continued to be surprised by new revelations.

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Fox Host Melissa Francis on Roger Ailes & Corporate Culture

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