Fox and CNN go to war over O’Reilly, Rice

Fox News and CNN are at war.

Anchors and reporters at the cable news giants are directly attacking one another on the air, sniping over Twitter, blanketing the airwaves with coverage of each other’s controversies and counting the hours until their rival personalities are driven to ruin.

At CNN, reporters and anchors have put Fox’s top anchor, Bill O’Reilly, through the ringer, gleefully cataloguing the advertisers that have fled his show over allegations of sexual harassment and opining about how much backlash O’Reilly can absorb before the Murdoch family cuts him loose.

Fox News, meanwhile, has been hell-bent on slamming CNN as a biased liberal outlet, taking it to task for its coverage, or noncoverage, of former national security adviser Susan Rice’s requests to unmask — the process of revealing information — Trump officials who appeared in intelligence reports. 

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Fox and CNN go to war over O’Reilly, Rice

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