Donal Logue Begs Daughter, 16, To‘Please Come Home’ After She Goes Missing

How sad. Donal Logue’s trans daughter, Jade, has been missing from New York City since Monday, June 26. In a new tweet, the ‘Gotham’ actor pleas for his child to come home.

Donal Logue, 51, is truly devastated that his 16-year-old child is missingJade Logue, a transgender teen who identifies as female, went missing on Monday, June 26 according to her father. Now, just a few days later, Donal is reaching out to his daughter on social media in hopes of convincing her to come home. “Jade. we miss you and love you. please come home. If you can see this, just know I love and miss you dearly,” Donal wrote just after midnight on June 30. His tweet is heartbreaking to read, especially since it confirms that the teenager is still MIA. So sad.

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