Dakota Johnson And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Contain Their Laughter During Fifty Shades Darker Mad Lib Theater

Fifty Shades Darker will feature plenty of steamy scenes, so Jimmy Fallon and Dakota Johnson decided to give the franchise a…funny spin Tuesday night. Playing Mad Lib Theater, The Tonight Show host and Johnson turned the sexually charged film and turned it into one nonstop joke.

Fallon asked Johnson to fill in certain blanks using silly words, adjectives, verbs ending in ‘ing’, names and song lyrics. Their final choices ended up in the scene where Anastasia first meets Christian Grey. This time, however, she was Anastasia Barf Barf.

Thanks to the hilarious changes they made thanks to Johnson’s word choice, neither Fallon nor the How to Be Single star could keep it together enough to make it through the scene. Hearing the word “knee” somehow become a sexual innuendo made both stars end up in stitches. Perhaps even funnier than the written material was watching this duo completely lose themselves in laughter.

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