Cher Reacts to ‘The Talk’ Hosts Wearing her Iconic Looks

n her only talk show appearance to promote her latest tour “Classic Cher,” Cher reacts to the ladies of “The Talk,” donning some of her iconic costumes. Host Julie Chen asks, “There’s only one Cher, but what do you think of what we’re trying to do here?” Cher responds, “It’s pretty fabulous and a little embarrassing! No, it’s totally cool…. But it’s a little embarrassing!” Aisha says, “There’s nothing more intimidating than trying to imitate the un-imitatable Cher!” Cher replies, “You know what’s really cool, is that I love these outfits, and I remember exactly how I was feeling…” When remembering her Oscar look from 1986, she says, “That was one of my all time favorites, because I was really pissed off at the Academy, but also it was the most beautiful, that was one of my favorites.” She also discusses her ‘Turn Back Time’ music video look, saying “This guy I still wear!”

Courtesy: CBS Television

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