Chelsea Handler Flamed for Calling Out Trump in Fire Evacuation Tweet

Things got hot for Chelsea Handler in more ways than one on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, as raging fires caused havoc in Southern California, the former “Chelsea Lately” host hit up Twitter to inform her followers that she was evacuating her home — and to drag President Donald Trump into the conversation.

“Just evacuated my house. It’s like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively,” Handler wrote. “Stay safe everyone. Dark times.”

Handler’s invocation of the leader of the free world didn’t go over well in the comments section of the tweet, where a flame war erupted.

“It’s going to be much hotter where you’re going. Might as well stay and get used to the heat,” replied one critic.

“I’m sorry for your troubles, but unless Trump was playing with matches in the woods, this isn’t his fault,” went another response. “Not everything that happens needs to be turned into a anti-Trump thing There is enough stuff that is his fault you can talk about, just not this.”

“Jesus Christ. Obsessed with the president much?” asked another responder.

“Are you accusing him of arson? Because that’s what it sounds like,” another inquiring mind wanted to know.

“That’s God sending you a sign, letting you know you’re useless to the earth,” another Handler detractor chimed in.

“Did he cancel your netflex [sic] show too….,” read another response, in an apparent reference to Handler’s recently ended Netflix talk show “Chelsea.”

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Chelsea Handler Flamed for Calling Out Trump in Fire Evacuation Tweet

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