Carrie Underwood Breaks Wrist After a Fall at Home

Carrie Underwood is recovering after suffering a broken wrist and other injuries, her rep told ABC News.

The accident happened Friday, two days after the country music singer hosted the 51st annual CMA Awards in Nashville.

“On Friday night, Carrie Underwood took a hard fall on some steps outside her home,” her rep said in a statement. “While there were no life-threatening injuries, she was taken to the hospital to be treated. She sustained multiple injuries including a broken wrist and some cuts and abrasions from the fall.”


Underwood, 34, lives in Nashville with her husband, Mike Fisher.

The singer’s rep added that Fisher, 37, “was able to make it back into town that night to be with her and she was released from the hospital.”

The country star said she’ll be alright and she has “the best hubby in the world to take care of me” after injuring her wrist in a fall Friday.

The singer, who co-hosted the CMA Awards Wednesday with Brad Paisley, tweeted Sunday thanking her followers for all the well wishes.

Underwood took a hard fall on the steps outside her home Friday night and was treated at the hospital for minor injuries, including a broken wrist, cuts and abrasions, according to a statement by the singer’s publicist.

“Thanks so much for all the well wishes everybody,” Underwood’s tweet reads. “I’ll be alright.. might just take some time.. glad I’ve got the best hubby in the world to take care of me.”

Her husband, former Nashville Predators Captain Mike Fisher, traveled back to Nashville overnight to be with her. She has since been released from the hospital.

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