Bill Cosby Trial Day 4: More Testimony, but No Mrs. Cosby

Prosecutors began presenting their last big chunk of evidence Thursday.

They used his own words from a decade-old deposition in which he acknowledged that he obtained quaaludes as part of an effort to have sex with women.

Parts of his deposition testimony were read into the record at the Montgomery County Courthouse where Mr. Cosby is facing charges that in 2004 he drugged and sexually assaulted a young Temple University staff member, Andrea Constand, who looked upon him as a mentor.

Prosecutors say the deposition, which surfaced in 2015 just after hosts of women came forward accusing Mr. Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, was the main impetus behind their re-opening the case.

But as the fourth day of the trial concluded, prosecutors were not able to get far enough into the deposition to hear Mr. Cosby discuss his use of the drugs. Instead, jurors heard Mr. Cosby’s deposition testimony about the beginnings of his romantic interest in Ms. Constand, with whom he says he had a consensual sexual relationship, and his version of the night of the alleged assault.

Under questioning in the despostion, he clarified what he meant by pursuing a romantic interest. “Romance in terms of steps that will lead to some kind of permission or no permission,” he said.

The only drug he gave her, he says, was Benadryl and he never gave other women drugs to incapacitate them, only to party.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyers had fought a long battle over the past several months to keep the deposition from being introduced into the trial, with limited success. Judge Steven T. O’Neill of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas excluded some parts, but allowed the discussion of Mr. Cosby’s use of qualudes. It will likely be read out tomorrow as the prosecution wind downs its case.

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Bill Cosby Trial Day 4: More Testimony, but No Mrs. Cosby

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