‘Big Bang Theory’: Inside the Surprising Season 10 Finale Proposal

[This story contains spoilers from the season 10 finale of CBS’The Big Bang Theory.]

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory just ended its 10th season with an exclamation point.

Punctuating a season of Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) growth, the nerdy comedy from Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro featured Sheldon’s long-awaited marriage proposal to Amy (Mayim Bialik).

In the penultimate episode, Amy left to spend three months teaching at Princeton. That left Sheldon alone in the apartment they share to fend for himself for the first time. Bored, Sheldon begins spending time with Ramona Nowitzki (guest star Riki Lindhome) who returns to the university and pursues Sheldon romantically. Sheldon, thinking his friends are wrong about Ramona’s interest in him — winds up asking her point blank if she’s interested in him. Much to his surprise, Ramona swiftly responds by kissing him on the lips.

Shocked, Sheldon gets up and leaves and in a music-less montage, gets in a taxi, goes to the airport, buys a plane ticket and flies across the country and goes directly to Amy’s door. A shocked Amy opens the door to find Sheldon on a knee, holding the ring he’s had since the season eight finale, and proposing.

With the season ending on a cliffhanger — will Amy say yes? Will she be put off by the fact that he proposed after another woman kissed him? — The Hollywood Reporter turned to showrunner Molaro to break down the romantic surprise.

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‘Big Bang Theory’: Inside the Surprising Season 10 Finale Proposal

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