At 95, Doris Day Gets As Much Tabloid Ink As the Kardashians

If you believe what you read at the supermarket checkout aisle, Doris Day’s life is a living hell. “Doris Day Going Broke,” the Globe recently reported, following up headlines like “Doris Day’s Sad Last Days,” “Oscar Bosses Snub Doris Day” and “My Wild Forbidden Affair with Doris Day.” So far this year, the National Examiner has devoted two covers to the famously reclusive 1950s crooner (they did three in 2016). Closer Weekly ran three covers in 2016, although that magazine’s coverage has always been considerably more friendly (“She is beloved by our readers,” notes Closer editorial director David Perel).

Today, April 3, is Day’s 95th birthday. She retired decades ago and has remained mostly secluded in her home in Carmel, CA, where she’s focused much of her attention on animal activism. According to those who know her — like author Tom Santopietro, who wrote her 2007 biography, Considering Doris Day — she is not near death, has plenty of money and doesn’t feel like she was snubbed for an Oscar (in fact, she turned down offers for an honorary award on multiple occasions). “I think Doris Day has been happier in retirement than at any other point of her life,” he insists.

And yet, for some reason, Day is still getting as much play in the tabloids as Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen and the Kardashians. How come? What is it about this once-famously perky nonagenarian that so fascinates a certain segment of the print media?

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At 95, Doris Day Gets As Much Tabloid Ink As the Kardashians

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