Andy Cohen Replacing Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Broadcast

CNN has found a replacement for Kathy Griffin on its upcoming New Year’s Eve broadcast, and it’s none other than Anderson Cooper‘s bestie, Watch What Happens Live host and executive producer Andy Cohen.

“Andy is the life of the party wherever he goes, and what bigger party is there than New Year’s Eve? It is going to be a blast,” Cooper, who will again cohost the annual Time Square bash in New York City, said in a statement.

Cohen added, “I’ve been friends with Anderson for 25 years. We’ve traveled the world together and performed in 30-plus cities with ‘AC2’ and it’s all led to this one huge night!”

Terrible canned quotes aside, the two men have a great rapport, as recently evidenced when Cohen was a guest on Cooper’s primetime CNN show, offering to produce a Real Housewives-ish reunion show for CNN in which The Wives Of Donald Trumpcould thrash out their differences, literally. His suggestion came the day Ivana called herself Trump’s First Wife and therefore First First Lady while plugging her book; Melania Trump was not amused.

Anderson has appeared on Cohen’s show WWHL several times and seem to have a good rapport on camera together.

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Andy Cohen Replacing Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Broadcast

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