Amy Schumer: I Don’t Deserve Equal Pay to Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

Amy Schumer is clearing up some controversy about her salary.

Variety published a story this week about gender pay inequality in Hollywood titled “The Fight for Equal Pay: Women, Minorities on TV Still Making Less Than White Men.”

The article highlighted a deal that Schumer had with streaming giant Netflix.

“Amy Schumer couldn’t have been hotter as a personality when she set a deal last year to star in a comedy special for Netflix, ‘The Leather Special,’ which premiered in March,” the story said. “But when Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle made headlines for commanding eye-popping deals for $20 million per special, Schumer’s team went back to Netflix and flatly asked for more money.”

Citing an unnamed source, writer Daniel Holloway wrote that Schumer initially was paid about $11 million but “received significantly more compensation after she raised the question of fairness relative to the Rock and Chappelle deals.”

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