ABC Boss Talks ‘Bachelor’ Scandal, ‘Idol’ Cost and Roseanne Barr

ABC Entertainment chief Channing Dungey, for better or for worse, walked into Sunday’s gathering at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour with the most news to address.

With just two weeks before ABC’s reboot of American Idol kicks off auditions, most of the judges’ panel has yet to be cast. It was also Dungey’s first public forum since production on Bachelor in Paradisewas suspended (and quickly resumed) following allegations of sexual misconduct on the set. But what she wanted to talk about was her new schedule.

“This is the first TCA that represents my development, soup to nuts,” said Dungey, who inherited the top network post in 2016 during the midst of pilot season. Once she finally wrapped a long intro, the exec fielded some surprisingly tame questions from reporters — though, when asked point blank about the specifics of the Bachelor in Paradise allegations, she offered as firm of a “no comment” as anyone involved with the show has offered since June: “I’m not necessarily at liberty to speak about that. You’d have to ask Warner Bros.”

Dungey also handled some of the other hot-button issues with expediency. The cancellation of Last Man Standing? A matter of scheduling (and ownership), not Tim Allen’s conservative politics. Regrets about the way racism was handled on the current season of The Bachelorette? There was never any intention to sensationalize it. A verdict on the Gong Show? Not yet, but she’s happy with the creative.

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ABC Boss Talks ‘Bachelor’ Scandal, ‘Idol’ Cost and Roseanne Barr

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