16 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Pixar Movies

Let’s be frank: for every fantastic, world-building, and visually-stimulating animated movie for children that makes its way to theaters there’s another one that’s cheaply produced, shoddily animated, and just pretty terrible. These are the bane of the existence of all parents – mindless garbage that their kid loves and they are forced to endure because they love their kid.

Luckily for us, there’s a company called Pixar who keeps turning out many, if not all, amazing, wonderful films for kids and adults alike. There’s great characters, beautiful scenery, and a plot that works for both kids and kids at heart.

Due to this, Pixar knows you are watching, and rewards you for it. In every film, they are able to slip in a few jokes that are going to fly over the head over kids, but will make you spit out whatever drink you’re sipping in the theater. Some of them are actually pretty shocking and we applaud the cojones on the Pixar higher-ups for letting them slip through.

We present to you: 16 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Pixar Movies.


In the Toy Story sequel, we were introduced to Woody’s extended gang, including his horse Bullseye and his female cowgirl compatriot, the acrobat and yodeling Jessie.


When these toys are all brought together in Andy’s room, Buzz stammers his way through an enamored introduction, failing to get his words out: “Uh, ma – ma’am?” he says to her, “I, uh, um, well, I just wanted to say you’re a bright young woman with a beautiful yarn full of hair. A hair full of yarn. It’s ah… um… I must go.”

However, it’s the next moment that really impresses Buzz, as Jessie skateboards on a Hot Wheels track, soars through the air, and grabs onto the door knob, opening the door.

Buzz’s stunned reaction: his wings pop open with an audible spring noise. It’s as awkward as it is amusing. We love a little juvenile humor that is in no way made for juveniles.


In the first Cars, we’re introduced to Lighting McQueen, hotshot hot-rod of the racing circuit. He’s first in all the races, gets all the glory, has all the fans. Two of those admirers include Mia and Tia,  fangirl cars painted in Lightning’s signature red and covered in his stickers. They straight-up tell him: “We’re like your biggest fans.

This doesn’t end with just spoken admiration. When they meet for the first time, the two in synchronized motion flash their headlights at the star as they get dragged away by security. Lighting’s response: “I love being me.”

We can say that we had never thought about what part of the body headlights would be if a car was personified, but clearly, Pixar has and, honestly, it’s a little weird and a lot hilarious.

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16 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Pixar Movies

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